2016-2017 Academic Year


The school year opens with a boot camp to hone our Core Craft Skills for evolving media communications and working together.

We’re excited about learning live streaming broadcasting with our new portable video switcher for events. The Community Media Center of Marin (CMCM) is helping  upgrade our broadcast  studio. We will begin by streaming water polo and basketball games.

We step out into the immersive world of Virtual Reality recording and production of 360 degree events and experiences. Check out our DRAKE Jazz concert recording from last year. Watch with Google cardboard for the full immersive experience!

DRAKE Jazz Concert

The big media production projects this year are;

The Presidential Elections and California State Ballot Initiatives.

The RICHIES Awards of non-profit community groups.

Poetry Cafe of interactive exhibits and performances.

There will be plenty of short media projects and CAT opportunities.

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