ComAcad – The Communications Academy

The Communications Academy of High School 1327 is a combination of English, History and Digital Communications classes in a two year program made up of Juniors and Seniors.


The Communications Academy of High School 1327 is a two-year program made up of juniors and seniors. One year consists of AP Composition, U.S. History, and Digital Communications. The other consists of two semesters of English courses that may include Humanities, World Literature, or Poetry, as well as one semester of American Government, one semester of Economics, and Digital Communications.

Throughout the year, students work in groups on different film and graphic design-related projects. These include original shorts, documentaries, promotions for nonprofits, the Poetry Café, and political advertisements. These videos are showcased at the Little Theater on campus at High School 1327 as well as on our YouTube Channel, and at off-campus events throughout the year.